A new home out of Davao City.

If you know me on Facebook then you’ll have picked up on the fact that I am in the midst of buying a house with my partner Jhune.

there has been a lot of paperwork, endless forms Jhune has had to sign, an uncomfortable morning being shuttled from one property to another by minivan, money exchanged, deeds drawn up, induction meetings attended and the inevitable visits to DIY and furniture stores… I’ve already bought a brand new fridge/freezer!

What we don’t have, as yet, is a date to move.

Currently we’re in an area of Davao City called Matina, GSIS to be exact, it’s about a 20 minute cab ride from the city centre, a nice, if noisy area, the apartment is actually 2 floors, two bedrooms and two bathrooms, way to big for just us although the extra space has been handy now and then for visitors. As with all things, you get what you pay for, I get a nice big apartment, I pay a bloody fortune for it, comparatively speaking.

For the amount I pay here for the monthly rent, 15,000 pesos (about £220) I could get a single small room in a shared house in the UK, I know that is true because it’s exactly what I was paying for a single small room in a shared house before I left the UK to come and live here in Davao!

That said, this property is rented, it’s not like I can paint and decorate, drill holes to mount my TV on the wall, convert a bedroom to a home office, change the furniture or anything like that, so Jhune and I determined to buy a house of our own, nothing big or fancy, just an affordable small house we could call ours as a place to start.

Keep in mind that as a foreigner I’m technically not allowed to own property here in the Philippines, everything has to be in Jhunes name!

The house we’re buying is about a 30 minute drive out of the heat, dust and noise of Davao proper, in an area called Mintal, north of the city, the development is all affordable housing so they are small, simple houses, the site does boast a residents pool, community centre, picnic areas, a wake-boarding lake and fishing pond, it’s cooler than Davao, so far, and I’m looking forward to moving.

Make no mistake, there is a lot to do, painting, decorating, putting in a kitchen and plumbing, furniture, getting the cable-TV, phone and Internet installed and working, we have big plans for improvements in the future as well but at the moment the most important thing is that it is ours, it belongs to Jhune and I and is a big step for our future together… I’m excited!

Here are a few pictures to be going on with… Look out for more updates!

Later alligator 😉


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